Oct 222017

So I started yesterday rather chipper, and went on my first 10K run. It was a lot of fun which is something I would not have thought possible. And afterwards I still had energy enougn to go and buy some more groceries and two cases of alcohol-free beer. Usually that’s my husband’s task but he was extra-busy yesterday so I offered to help.

My legs were feeling very good but biking up the hill with the beer in the bike trailer was a little harder than usual.

Then I did a ton of dishes, all of them starting with dinner on Friday, and took a shower, gave myself a pedicure (tried a new nail polish which is called „chocolate cake“, I really love it), and then my energy for the day ran out. 

I did a voice warm-up but then never got around to recording anything.

At six I decided to have dinner in front of TV with the boy, and that was it for the day. I did pull out the spinning wheel and spun a bit but other than that nothing got done.

Which of course means that I need to record everything today. I really hope I manage. My voice could be better, I’m either having a slight cold or allergies, I don’t know.

I also will need to start outlining the novel I want to write in November, at the moment I’m all procrastination on that front.

There will be a running commentary on today’s actvities on my other blog later but I’m not expecting anything all that exciting.

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