Oct 202017

So for once I had a satisfying and productive day. I went for a run, I helped making lunch, I played the piano and sang briefly, I recorded the next podcast episode, and wrote the shownotes, and I looked at the songs I want to record for my mother. Phew. And on top of that I went to bed on time. And didn’t bing-eat.

And the most interesting thing is that I was not all fatigued all day. I’m starting to think that I do better when I do more. Well, up to a certain point.

My husband told me yesterday that he thinks I have too many projects in the pipeline, and that I should drop something. He was rather confused by all the podcasting that’s happening. Well, I did record two in a row because the English episode doesn’t really fit into my schedule.

He also is not looking forward to me doing NaNoWriMo – which I can understand – but not really because I want to write that much but rather because, „And then you’ll do all kinds of things with people and are on the forums all the time.“ Which I found rather interesting because it didn’t feel like that to me. Well, I am on ravelry all the time but that’s different. That’s not a November-thing. And I bet I will have to spend less time there next month so I can spend more time writing.

Last year I really would have wanted to meet fellow NaNo-writers in person even but I didn’t because I felt I couldn’t spare the time. And I bet this year will be the same.

As I said before I am showing admirable restraint because I did not start another podcast (though I really want to), and I also haven’t signed up for a craftsy class in bra-making (even though I really want to), and I have indeed set aside quite a few projects because now is not the time to work on them.

Today should be a rather busy and full day as well, there will be the cleaning of the house (yeah, finally!), and the making pizza with my husband, and the teaching, and then there will be a very quick sandwich for dinner before my husband and I go out to see another free improvisation concert. Which will surely throw me off like crazy tomorrow. Better to plan for that in advance.

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