Oct 192017

I just started writing that yesterday was even more of the same, and somewhat predictable and boring but then I remembered that we finally found out what’s wrong with my mother.

As you recall she fell a week ago, hurt her back, and had to go to the hospital. Well, unfortunately she actually did break a spinal disc. Which means she has to spend the next three months in a corset (which she already owns because she had back surgery a couple of years back). She won’t be able to do anything, bear no weight, and probably will only be allowed to either lie in bed or stand but not sit. Which is making for a rather boring and uncomfortable life. The good news is that she does not have to have surgery for this one.

She’s happy to be staying in the hospital a little longer. I have no idea how my father is doing alone at home but I’m guessing I would have heard if there were a problem.

Other than that yesterday was pretty routine, running, teaching, practice, no work on any novel, early-ish to bed.

The one remarkable thing was that I did pull out the spinning wheel and started spinning the second half of the purple merino that has been sitting around for ages.

Today there will be even more of the same with bonus podcast recording, and strength training (I hope). My track record for strength training on Thursday – when I’m running in the mornings – isn’t good.

So I guess we’ll see.

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