Oct 182017

Yesterday went pretty well, I ran all the errands, went to the tea shop, the bakery, the post office, the health food store, and the regular supermarket, I sold the now obsolete old router (well, three months old), wrapped it up and sent it off, I bought a new binder for the printed manuscript of novel three, and found that I don’t have enough shelf space for all the printed manuscripts. I need to finish things so that I can throw the print-outs away. Soon.

I also decided on what to work on next. I think I’ll go through novel one again and pull out all the song lyrics. I love them, and they are rather atmospheric but then letting them in would be a pain because I would need to get the rights, and pay for them. So I’ll better write my own atmosphere.

I acutally forgot to practice. Which shows you how scatterbrained I am at the moment.

I did hear from my mother but she still has no idea what’s going on. I think small town medical care is not my favorite thing at the moment. This is a thing that might contribute to me being scatterbrained. Somewhat.

I didn’t clean anything but I finally managed to change the sheets on my bed, so there’s that. Progress.

Today I will go for a run, teach, start working on novel one yet again, and maybe clean a thing or two. Oh, and not forget about practice. And maybe find the energy and time to get the songs sorted that I have to record on the weekend. The problem with my energy levels at the moment is that while I have an hour or two in the evenings where I could get stuff done I’m usually so brain-dead and fatigued by then that all I can do is sit and read. Or stare blankly into space. And eat.

This definitely needs to change. Also the low-level headache I’ve been having for almost a week now.

I’m really looking forward to that doctor’s appointment…

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