Oct 172017

Well, on the bright side I managed to get an email out of the way that I had been procrastinating about for days, and I made a doctor’s appointment because of the tiredness/fatigue I’m feeling all the time. I won’t get to see my favorite doctor, unfortunately, he has been scaling back lately, instead I’ll see someone I never met before in the same practice.

I also did all my teaching, I ran (and it was actually fun), I punched holes in the two manuscripts I had printed out, and everything went very well, and then some time around 4 pm I completely ran out of energy, and that was that with the day. The house looks terribly dirty with dust bunnies everywhere, and I haven’t changed my sheets in weeks.

Well, new day new luck. Today is errand day, and I will only teach a few students, so – of course – I have a list of to-dos that’s a mile long. We’ll see how that goes.

At least the weather is sunny and warm again. The leaves are turning, and everything looks just gorgeous.

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