Oct 142017

This is the first part of episode 90 with the shownotes. Part 2 can be found here.

I knitted:

  • Black Lauriel 2: done
  • Solace: done
  • Batty Magrathea: all knitted up but frogged
  • Fuchsia Lauriel 2: done, needs washing and buttons
  • Cleave Socks: done
  • Easy: halfway done for the third time
  • Vanilla is the new black from handdyed yarn: done
  • Stripeys (Drumlarnig by Anneh Fletcher) out of yarn I got in London: done
  • Caerwent out of yarn I got in London: second sock has a heel
  • Twisted soles: started, am unconvinced

I spun:

  • purple Nube on the Victoria
  • bourdeaux merino on my Bosworth Mini
I crocheted:
  • mug warmer
  • Sophie’s Universe
I sewed:
  • purple top: thought I was done but was unhappy with the neck facing

I embroidered:

  • Sampler from Rebecca Ringquist’s book: started

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Things I talked about:

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