Oct 142017

So yesterday was a really busy day as planned. I did record the English podcast episode in the morning, even though my voice was not in the best shape, and then, just when we were about to leave for lunch, I got an email from my sister and a phone call from my aunt telling me that my mother had to go to the hospital the day before.

Nothing life-threatening, she hurt her back, and they will only be able to tell what’s wrong after Monday because they need to do an MRI, and the very small hospital she’s at doesn’t do MRIs every day. I’m very grateful for my sister and aunt keeping me in the loop because my father is not the type of person who’d call in a situation like this. These are the times when sometimes I wish I lived a little closer to my family but then if I did live a little closer I would have to be right in the middle of all these people trying to communicate and figure things out, and failing. And I would probably feel obligated to look after my father who will be completely able to care for himself for a few days. And my aunt is checking in on him and on my mother as well.

So guess what? I did not clean anything yesterday. I know, shocking. Also the most important thing right now, I know.

The rest of the day went pretty well, we had Chinese and sushi at the restaurant near us, and the owner remarked on how tall the boy has grown, and about how his voice has changed, and then I went back home, and taught a student, and then I phoned my aunt and tried calling my mother, and then I taught some more, and I was so confused that I forgot to remind my last student to pay for her lesson (I did put a post-it in her file, though, so I can remind her next time.), and then I talked to my mother on the phone who did not sound as loopy as I would have thought with all the painkillers, and then we had dinner, and the boy and I watched another episode of „Star Trek: The Next Generation“ (one with Q that was really excellent), and then I baked cookies for the spinning meeting today, and then I went to bed way too late.

I only slept for 6 1/2 hours but I got 3 hours of deep sleep according to my sleep tracker, so yeah? I guess? Have a cookie to distract you:

IMG 0927

Today there will be running, and then I’ll take off for the meeting. I already have my spinning stuff and my purse packed, I only need to add the cookies and a spindle. I am also participating in the „Herbstlesen“-event again even though I don’t really have the time for that today. On the other hand I have already spent about 90 minutes reading because I woke up before 6 am, and it’s 8 right now.

Tomorrow is blissfully empty, no appointments (well, we could go out to brunch to meet people but I guess we won’t), only a little puttering around and some singing to do. I guess I’ll need that.

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