Oct 132017

I just tried to turn my laptop on to write my daily post but it itsn't booting properly. I've been waiting for this computer to die on me for more than a year now. I hope it isn't quite time yet. I has been somewhat quirky but functional. Which is okay if you remember that this computer is more than seven years old. (And now that I'm typing this (on the tablet) I find that the laptop has decided to boot after all. Phew. I can do most things on the tablet but I can't record a podcast on it which is what I'll be doing this morning. At least if everything goes as planned.

Yesterday I was pretty good, the only thing I skipped was the strength training. I guess I have to find a different way of doing it because after running, teaching, and doing other work all day by 6.30 I'm rather reluctant to do something strenuous before getting dinner.

I did learn some things about how to market books, though, I did watch a video I had been wanting to watch for weeks, and I finally found all the lyrics to the songs I want to record for my mother's birthday and printed them out. Baby steps all the way. Same with the novel I want to write in November, I now have a document in Scrivener with parts that say “beginning”, “middle A”, “middle B”, and “ending”. Very important steps for sure.

And I managed to go to bed almost on time, and can now say that according to the last days' experiments every time I turn the lights out at 9.30 I will get enough sleep, every time I turn the lights out at 10 I don't. I have no idea why I wake up an hour earlier after turning the lights out half an hour later but that's what it is. It does remind me of the days when I still had a toddler who found it impossible to fall asleep. Often when we tucked him in a little earlier falling asleep would be much easier for him.

Though I have to say that I don't have any problems falling asleep. According to my sleep tracker it takes me 11 minutes every night without fail. Unless I'm seriously overtired, then it takes four.

I know, sleep is just so fascinating. Well, it is when you're not getting enough.

Today will be extra, extra busy but fun (I hope). I will attempt to finally record the next English episode of the podcast, go to the Asian place around the corner for lunch with my husband and son (which I've been looking forward to for days now), then teach a lot, in between do some cleaning (wish me luck), then listen to the podcast so I can publish it tomorrow, then watch something on TV with the boy while my husband goes to the city to see a free improvisation concert, and then bake cookies for tomorrow's spinning meeting.

And then go to bed on time.

Should be completely doable if I don't spend all my time on the internet.

We'll see how that goes.

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