Oct 082017

Yes, I was full of plans for yesterday but I ended up doing almost nothing.

I did go for my 6K run, and it was fun even. The running is going better and better at the moment. I keep feeling a twinge of the old hip pain here and there but seem to have found a way to make it go away which is great.

Then we made spaghetti bolognese for lunch. The boy only got leftovers and hour early because he had to leave for a friend’s birthday party. Then I sat down to read an eat a piece of cake, and then there came the slide into nothingness which is pretty typical for my Saturdays. Especially if I hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

I wanted to record the English episode of the podcast which is a pretty big thing to do. Those episodes run rather long and I need to make a list of things to talk about first. Since I’m blogging every day these days I didn’t have all the posts I needed in my blogging software’s feed, and so I went onto the website to look for the topics I had talked about and the projects I had worked on.

Only to find that I couldn’t access my blog. This has been happening a little too often lately. I did get an email saying something about server maintenance but having the blog down for two hours is bad.

So no podcast. Which gave me an afternoon off which could have been nice. Only I was so tired that I just slumped down in front of the computer refreshing ravelry. I did read a little but didn’t do any of the other things I wanted to do.

Then there was dinner, and then I waited for the boy to come home. I found that I was growing a little nervous when it got dark outside and he wasn’t home yet. It turned out that he was with a friend and they managed to miss two trains in a row. They did spend the time waiting actually studying for their upcoming Latin test, so at least that was good.

I did manage to go to bed on time, and sleep for 8 1/2 hours last night, so I’m hoping to be more energetic today.

I’m planning to get everything done that I didn’t get done yesterday.

Yeah, I’m not convinced either.

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