Oct 062017

I did okay yesterday up until lunchtime, and then it went all downhill.

I ran my 5k (and it’s going better and better, by the way, taking intervals away seems to have been the right decision), and helped making lunch so that was alright. The bad thing was that I thought I would have a ton of time in the afternoon because teaching only started at 4.30. Well. Maybe I’ll learn some day.

After lunch I went to the supermarket (good move), got myself a piece of cake (not quite as good), ate it right away (okay-ish), and then that was it for the rest of the day. I barely managed to take a shower before teaching (one of these days I’ll teach without my hair being still damp from the shower), and by 4 pm I couldn’t stop yawning.

So I taught very few students, tried to do strength training, and gave up after a few minutes (running two days in a row plus strength training might have been a little too much but I hope I’ll get used to it), had dinner, and then actually managed to go to bed on time.

Still. No music, no novel, nothing.

I really hope to do better today. My husband will make pizza for lunch, I hope to prepare the next epic English episode of the podcast, and clean the house plus teach. Tonight my husband and I will go out to see a student of ours play nearby. I’m looking forward to it but I can already see that tomorrow wlil be a bust yet again. It is getting a little tiring. (Oh, and on the subject of fatigue, I went to bed earlier last night, slept well, and am feeling a little more human right now.)

And now I need to sign off, meditate, and get to novel revision.

I read something about ‚staying calm in chaos‘ yesterday plus a piece about how elite soldiers stay calm in a crisis. I guess I really need to learn how to do that because every tiny little thing throws me off my game. We’re not talking full-out panic stuff here, just things like a day off, or parent night at school, or going out tonight again.

I did decide that I wanted to become more stoic not that long ago. (No idea if I talked about that here.) That will need a lot more work, though.

So. Breathe. I guess.

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