Oct 032017

So today started with the laptop acting up (so that I couldn’t write this right after breakfast as usual), me being really, really tired, and rain like crazy outside.

On the other hand it is a day off, so there’s that.

Yesterday was a good day all in all. While the switch to the new internet thing happened around ten I was strong, and went running first before attempting to configure all the new gadgets. Then my husband made lunch without my help for a change, and I sat down to get the new modem/router/phone running. Things went with only very minor hitches which was great and unexpected.

The boy had come home early while my husband and I had been running and greeted me with, „There’s no internet!“ to which I said, „Yeah, the company switched but I have yet to connect everything.“ I’m pretty sure he thought I should have done that first.

I then taught my students, hung up a load of laundry, configured voicemail and recorded a greeting (three times), practiced a little, and tried singing the songs I want to record for my mother’s birthday which was, let’s say, interesting. Seems I need to put some more work into this. I can totally see myself just buying a book at the last minute instead. Have I mentioned that my voice sounds a little rough at the moment? I think I might have a cold of some sort.

The boy and I ate dinner in front of „Star Trek: The Next Generation“ because my husband was teaching late, and then I lounged around the kitchen table procrastinating about novel-revision (sum total of revision yesterday: four minutes and eleven seconds – oops). And then I saw that it was time for virtual knit night in the very nice ravelry group where I spent most of my time, and so I decided to try my very first google hangout.

It was really great talking to my friends in the computer. I was uncharacteristically quiet because I was so tired. My computer shut down with only two seconds warning at the end. (It said, „Your battery is running low.“ and while I was grabbing the cable and trying to plug it in – poof! – the computer shut down.

So I went back into the hangout only to tell people that I was too tired and needed to got to bed.

I’m sure that must have felt weird to them because by that time it was only 4 pm where they were but for me it was already 10 pm. Which I know most people don’t consider to be that late but, trust me, by that time I’m barely conscious.

I went to bed an hour later, and am longing to go back to bed even now, right in the middle of the morning.

In all that exicitement I completely forgot to wish my brother-in-law a happy birthday so that will be late.

I also wanted to write a few words about the day of German unity but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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