Oct 022017

Yesterday was a rather nice and quiet Sunday. I participated in a reading event-thing, and If you want to you can read all of it over on my author blog. As you can see I’m still not quite sure what to do with that blog but I’ll work it out eventually.

So there was a lot of sitting around (only 500 steps), a lot of reading, some music, some strength training, some crochet, and not a lot more.

The most interesting thing was that we made spätzle with lentils for lunch. Making them yourself is a little mess but not too much work, and they were delicious. We’ll be having the rest of them with cheese today or tomorrow.

Today we’re supposed to get switched to faster internet and a different kind of phone which was the reason I didn’t sleep well. Yes, I know that’s silly. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow you know why. Especially since tomorrow is a public holiday.

I’m pretty sure I’m being unreasonable but there you are.

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