Sep 292017

So again I wanted to do everything better than the day before. I didn’t do really bad but I managed to get a little derailed nonetheless.

I’m going to bed too late again these days, which means I’m all tired all day which is not a lot of fun, and then in the evenings I’m super-tired, and my impulse control wanes, and then I eat more than I need and drink another beer which leads to going to bed to late again. It is a fun cycle that I can repeat at nauseam. And every day I hope to break it but so far this week I haven’t.

Yesterday morning I rode my bike to the health food store one town over, the one that has a really great selection of meat, also the best potato chips, and more cosmetics than the one I usually go to. I did select a new gray eyeliner but seem to have misplaced it because I can’t find it anymore. I also didn’t pay for it so that’s probably alright.

Lunch was turkey breast, rice, and black beans, a little like comida caseira that you get in Brazil. Very tasty.

IMG 0869  1

Since I had only three students planned I wanted to use my breaks in between to work on the novel, clean the house, and practice. But then we got a call from the guy we ordered the new floor for the boy’s room from. He wanted to come over and install it right after lunch. Well, the first time they came right in the middle of lunch because they wanted to measure the room first so that they could cut a bit of the flooring off before carrying it up the very narrow stairs.

So now the boy has a new floor in his new room.

I’m expecting that we’ll carry his desk, chair, and computer upstairs some time on the weekend, and then we’ll order some more furniture. He wants a wardrobe, a bookshelf and a new bed. He already has the money set aside.

Unfortunately we don’t have a car otherwise I’d just drive to IKEA. I could rent one but I haven’t driven in years. So we’ll probably pay to have things delivered. Much less time-consuming.

So with all of that and talking to the boy in between students I somehow never got around to cleaning anything. I did practice and spend all of twenty minutes on the novel, so that’s okay. And we did strength training for twenty minutes. I’m still sore this morning so I guess we did it right.

Today I will be doing all the things, I have to make pizza from scratch, clean everything, and record a podcast. That will be fun.

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