Sep 252017

Yesterday was another day of not getting much done. By now it’s getting old.

We went voting in the morning, when it was still pretty empty, we had spaghetti with homemade pesto for lunch, I played some more Subnautica (and got frustrated), made a little music, did 15 minutes of strength training, and that was basically it.

The highlight was that I managed to make hand and lip balm. I had run out of both back in June so I had to buy some at the store, and yesterday I finally got around to pulling out the ingredients, melting them in a pot and pouring them into jars. Making both took all of thirty minutes, I have no idea why I didn’t do it earlier. But then this was only my second time ever. Things that you don’t do often always feel more overwhelming.

The election results were decidedly meh. It will be interesting to see where German politics go after this.

So. New week, new attempt to get a grip on my life – business as usual.

Today I will be doing a ton of teaching, will go for a run (no skipping today), and do everything on my to do list. The list isn’t that long, so that should be doable.

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