Sep 242017

As expected I was pretty lazy yesterday which was good. I spent half an hour typing corrections into my novel, skipped my run because I was feeling queasy and sleep-deprived, helped making shrimp risotto, and then did something I haven’t done in ages, I sat down at the computer to play an actual video game.

The boy is all into video games, in fact that is all he does in his spare time. Well, that and watch youtube videos. When he isn’t allowed screen time he reads. There is way more screen time than anything else in his life, something I’m not too happy with it but he’ll turn 15 soon, and since he is doing his homework and chores with minimal nagging I let him.

I had been wanting to play some video games again for ages now because I did use to enjoy it. I also used to get so obsessed with certain games that I’d do nothing but play for weeks on end, not getting enough sleep and spending all my free time in front of the computer but I don’t think that will happen again soon, my life is just too packed for that. Also I have become a little better at not doing things that make me feel rotten.

The boy recommended Subnautica to me, and I have to say so far I really like it. Since I’m so out of practice I stumble around, fumble with the controls, and gave up playing in survival mode after two tries.

I’m not sure if I’m patient enough to spend hours and hours on this but so far I’m enjoying it.

I only have to make sure that I don’t start out my day playing it. Better to do the things I want to move forward on first and use the game as a reward later.

Yesterday was also the day my husband decided to cut the first part of the hedge, and so I spent the late afternoon sweeping hedge clippings into piles. It was one of those rare days where the whole family was helping to get that task done, and it was somewhat nice. Unfortunately he is having tennis elbow, and so the rest of the hedge will have to wait. I might have to learn how to cut the hedge. Which will be an excellent upper body workout.

Today is the day we go and vote. Which is super important this year.

I always go because this is one of the few things I can do to influence where my country is going, but this time we’re hoping to not have too many racist idiots elected so it is even more important than usual.

We used to spend the night of election day in front of TV waiting for results to come in but I doubt I’ll do that today. I’ll probably just check the web tomorrow morning.

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