Sep 222017

Yesterday was a rather busy day again. I tried to work on the novel in the morning after breakfast but my husband was up extra early. Then I ran all the errands, and got all the food.

I also found that my bank does not change British pounds into Euros. I’m not quite sure what to do about the 15 pounds I still have lying around. Maybe put them in a drawer and wait until the next time I’ll need them. Since the last time I visited the UK before this summer was 1989 that might mean I’ll be 78 until then but then one can’t really extrapolate a trend from only two data points.

Before all of that I found that there was something weird going on with my daily posts from the last few days. Day 6 had the wrong date, and day 9 wasn’t showing up. I tried fixing it but every time I fixed one of the two posts the other one would go wonky. In the end I refreshed everything in the blogging software I’m using on my laptop, and then the post for day 6 was gone.

I’m not quite sure what happened but it must have something to do with the fact that I’m using two different pieces of software for blogging, one on my iPad, and the other one on my laptop. And maybe I took one of the posts as a template for the other, and then the blog thought those two were one post only, and so I lost a post. Of course that one was the one with all the nifty links and everything about the German Raveler Meeting in it.

I will write it again as well as I can but not today because today I’m swamped.

I also found that I didn’t get a message when there was a comment on the blog so I didn’t see a couple of comments, and therefore didn’t reply to them. Sorry.

I will clean everything, teach loads of students, and then I’ll rush into the city for my very first meeting of the „Selfpublisher-Verband“. I will mend my purple dress so I can wear it, and apply makeup, and I’m feeling all professional now because I managed to print business cards even.


And yes, I am fully aware that real, printed business cards would be much more professional, and a website that’s not a free wordpress blog, and a book funnel-link to the actual books I published. But one step at a time.

I am pretty excited about the meeting, and a little scared. I’m also not happy about the fact that I will have to go to Munich during Okotberfest. That’s something we usually avoid. It means being on trains that are packed with loud, drunk people who might lose it at any time, or get in your face for not being drunk and loud.

I’m planning to walk for twenty minutes from Marienplatz to the venue so that I won’t have to change trains at the main station which is really close to the Oktoberfest location but there is no avoiding the whole thing completely. Unless I bike but that would be a little too far for the time I have.

And the whole family is elated that my husband finally found what is wrong with the guitar amp he was trying to repair for a student. He’s been working on it in mounting frustration for weeks now, and had promised the student to have it ready today but couldn’t find what was making that horrible noise. Until last night. If I weren’t going out tonight we’d probably have champagne to celebrate that achievement.

And now I’ll start my day of go, go, go.

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