Sep 212017

The good thing is that the laptop straightened itself out eventually, no story, though. But those computer problems meant that I didn’t manage to work on the novel yesterday morning, and there really was no time in the afternoon because I did quite a bit of teaching, and so the novel did not happen. Again. I’m hoping to make up for it today – stay tuned.

Turned out that running with sore muscles from unfamiliar bodyweight exercises is no fun. I stumbled through my run and walked much more than I wanted. Part of me feels like a failure for it but the rational part of me knows that I can’t expect myself to power through everything. I’ll see how running goes on Saturday.

Today is my big errand day, I’ll zoom all around town getting groceries. The weather is gorgeous and supposed to be rather warm so I should maybe bike to the next town over to go to the really nice health food store where I can get all kinds of things that aren’t available here in town. But then that depends on how much time I’ll have.

I also want to go to the post office. Very exciting, this life of mine.

One thing that is out of the ordinary is the meeting of the „Selfpublisher Verband“ tomorrow. I am already a little nervous. I don’t really know what to expect. I’m thinking about printing some business cards for author-me but I’m not sure. I only have this website that I haven’t updated in ages (and it does look like I slapped it together in an afternoon because that’s exactly what I did), and a funny email address. On the other hand you never know.

I will have to head out immediately after finishing a long teaching day tomorrow, that will be fun.

I’ll keep you posted.

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