Sep 182017

And I’m back home, and very glad about it. The weekend away was great but I like being home best. Now I can make music again, and wrestle the novel some more, and be with my favorite people in the world.

The trip back home went very well, this time they even had food on the train. Delicious food even. And then there was even more delicious food for dinner at home.

I’m thinking I should eat a little less from now on because – as I might have mentioned – I ate so much in the past few weeks that I gained about ten pounds back. Now I have two options, either I give up, shrug my shoulders and lament because I just can’t keep my weight down, or I eat less than I need until I’m back where I feel best. And then, maybe, I will manage to only eat as much as I need so that I don’t have to have all this drama again. We’ll see.

I also found that I will have to flip my exercise schedule around. I do strength training together with my son, and he has PE on Wednesday now which means Wednesday is a really bad day for him to do strength training on top of that. Which means I will probably go running Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and do strength training Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Which then moves my grocery shopping day to Thursday which is good. The only really inconvenient thing is that Tuesday is the only day in the week that I work until 7, and when we do 40 minutes of strength training after that it will mean dinner will be really, really late. We’ll get used to it, I hope.

Last night I decided to rewatch „Firefly“. I really love this show. I’m looking forward to it with much anticipation even though I’ve already seen it at least twice.

I still haven’t figured out how to fit everything I want to do into my days but then I don’t need to get that all done today, it’s an ongoing process anyways.

Daily blogging seems to suit me well, by the way, I found myself thinking how much I like it just before starting to write. Who would have thought.

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