Sep 152017

So yesterday I was so tired that I couldn't even think straight. I also managed to drop a bottle of beer in the basement, and the glass and beer went everywhere. Just before that I had tripped on the stairs and almost tumbled down. Well, better the bottle than me.

And this teaches us that I shouldn't go traveling in the first week after summer break. I guess I'm so excited I couldn't sleep. Silly.

But now I am sitting on a train. The weather is gorgeous here but where I'm going it's supposed to rain this afternoon. Right when I want to go look at all the places I used to live. Go figure.

I'm going to Bielefeld. That city is nothing real special, I guess, but I used to live there. And the rain is no surprise either, it is a very damp part of Germany after all.

As usual I'm thinking that I'll get all kinds of things done on the train, and as usual I will probably only sit and knit.

But for now I'll be looking out the window a little, and check my e-mail, and wait until it's time to eat lunch (about three more hours but I'm already hungry).

I'm thinking about quite a few things at the moment, not the least being how I can move things around in my life so that everything I want to achieve fits. That's nothing new for me, though. I guess I'll always keep doing that.

I'm also thinking about whether I like traveling or not. I have a dawning suspicion that I like the idea of travel better than the travel itself. On the other hand this weekend away is starting pretty mellow. Despite the excitement, packing and getting on the train is a fairly routine experience for me. There was no mad scramble, no frantic search for things I had forgotten, I basically just packed what I always pack, and did what I always do.

Which is a little funny because this is only the third (and last) time this year that I'm traveling. But then three trips is a lot, at least for me.

I'm really enjoying checking in here daily, I hope you enjoy it too, until tomorrow.

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  1. Ich mag, dass du täglich bloggst!

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