Mar 252015

I am still thinking about habits, and how I want my daily life to be and such. Because the things I do every day (or almost every day) matter much more than the things I only do once in a while. So I want my daily life to reflect the things that are important to me.

Of course I’m working on all.the.things at once. As usual. At the beginning of January I decided that going to bed on time and getting enough sleep would be the main habit to focus on. It went rather well for some time, and then it didn’t and right now it’s hit or miss. It does become more complicated through the fact that I often don’t sleep well even if I managed to get to bed on time. So there are related habits surrounding this one. „No screens one hour before bed“ is one, dealing with things that make me anxious on time so that I am less tense, getting back into the habit of meditating ten minutes a day, not drinking too much tea right before bed.

The more I think about it the longer the list gets. Which, of course, doesn’t help.

The other main thing has been exercise (and I know I wrote about this before). Exercising six times a week takes quite a bit of time. Pare that with trying to get nine hours of straight sleep every night, and there is not all that much free time left. When I do it I feel so much better that it’s definitely worth it but still – part of me resents the fact that I get less time to play.

One habit that I want to break is to spend every free moment glued to the computer or tablet screen. I really enjoy ravelry, and iPad games, and reading blogs but when I do it for more than an hour or so per day I start feeling bad. Because when I do these things I can’t do the other things that are important like practicing the piano or working on my novel.

Though I have to say I have been quite good with the “working on my novel“-part. The last few weeks I have managed to work on it for something between thirty and sixty minutes every morning after breakfast. More often it was thirty minutes but then progress is good. Even if it’s slow.

I know there are people reading this who think I should just relax, and not stress myself out so much. But a) I am not stressing myself, I just try to live the life I want to live, and b) I really don’t think I’ll be content with a life where I just did my job, did my chores, and otherwise lean back and watch TV or something.

This is not about being productive all day long, it is just about looking back on the last year or so thinking, „Do I feel good about how I spent my time and energy? Is this the life I want to live?”

And then to change my habits accordingly.

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