Feb 112013

Wow. Seven years. Every year on the date when I first started blogging in earnest it gets a little more unreal.

And just this morning I thought about what teenager me back in the day who was just starting to keep a journal (and struggling mightily to write in it regularly) would have said if anybody could have told her that now, more than thirty years later she’d have a journal that is read by dozens of people, that can be accessed by anyone in the world, and also her own private radio show.

And that all of this would be done by computer, by a computer network that spans the globe, and the computer she does this on is small enough to carry around in her purse (and that she’ll have two more, even smaller ones, both smaller than the communicators in Star Trek).

I’m not quite sure she would have believed me. Or else she would have thought that flying cars, and household robots would be widespread as well.

And that most of her friends would live in her computer, and that she would spend most of her time there, and she never even had to write a program to make it work ever. (Teenager me went to computer group in school, which was open to students in 9th grade or up, when she was in 7th grade. Those were the days when computer group was led by two physics teachers, and after the first year a 12th grader took over because he knew more about programming than the teachers.)

All in all – it’s a marvel!

And having found people who usually are interested in what I have to say is rather thrilling. And being able to do all of this just for fun is even better.

So I hope you all still enjoy this as much as I do – here’s to the next seven years!

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