Feb 272012

So it’s the first day after what’s officially called “winter break” but that’s really all about carnival. This year we continued my husband’s tradition of being sick on Fat Tuesday. Our son started feeling bad on Monday, and that was pretty much it with the rest of the week.

I really hope that being sick during Christmas break, and now this one won’t continue for the rest of the year. I wasn’t all that bad but all I wanted to do all week was sleep for 8 or 10 hours a night, then linger in bed, get up, do a little housework, have lunch, take a two hour nap, sit around doing nothing for the rest of the day, and repeat.

It’s nice to take a rest but I don’t really like coming out of a work-free week being more behind than before.

That week of feeling unwell is also the main reason behind the lack of podcast around these parts. And blog. I also spend way too much time on ravelry.

I had, as usual,  a long list of things I wanted to accomplish the last week, I wanted to get my new/old spinning wheel running, start a new sweater, play piano and guitar, and such nice things.

I think it might be time again to stop expanding and focus instead. I can’t start doing more and more things all the time, something will have to go.

One thing that seems to have gone already is the monthly writer’s meeting. Since last summer there have only ever been two or three of us meeting, and too often it had been me sitting around in a bar all by myself. So in December I stopped posting the dates for the meeting, and waited what would happen. One of the writers knew because I had met her on other occasions. At the beginning of February one other said, “What’s happening? I’m not receiving updates.” And I answered that I would love to continue the meetings but only if enough people were interested. That has mostly been it. We’ll see.

No writer’s meetings mean that I’m no writing short stories. Which is a bit of a pity. But then there are other writer’s meetings I could attend. Again, we’ll see.

I did continue to write on my current longer (hopefully novel-length) story, though. I’m at that point where it all feels totally boring and arbitrary to me but I think that might not be a realistic assessment but only my feeling that this has been going on for long enough, and that I’d like to start something new and exciting.

I almost thought about committing myself to blog every day for March but then I thought that might be a bit too much. Still, more than once a month might be a nice change of pace.

See you, and thanks for all the nice comments on my blog anniversary post.

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