Feb 092012

You can all thank Lab Cat for this post. I was telling people over on ravelry about the who this Saturday (look at the post before this if you don’t know what I’m talking about), and I gave links to Lia’s and N’s pictures. Then Cat asked, “Did I miss you showing your pictures?” No, she didn’t I didn’t show them. Part of the problem is that some of the pictures I’m showing are on film, not digital, and getting them into the computer would be quite the project. But then I thought about it (as I tend to do), and, well, I can at least show you the ones that are digital. No problem. By the way, for once these aren’t under my Creative Commons license but copyright by me, all rights reserved.

First two pictures of flowers:

and more flowers:

Both taken at the botanical garden in Munich in 2006. From the same day I give you some turtles:


And some not quite as pretty turtles from three years later, same place:

Now for something completely different, a gargoyle, seen on vacation in 2010:

And now for something totally, and completely different, a still life from when I attempted to take 365 photos in 365 days:

There are some more landscapes but I can’t show them to you. They’re pretty on my walls, though.

At the pop-up gallery there I’ll also read three of my stories, probably Simplify (which I haven’t posted yet, oops), Kissing Edith, and Fear of Falling. If everything goes right there will be a little booklet for sale. For each story I chose a photo to go with them:

The story “Simplify” is about a woman trying to do just that.

This is the pictures for “Kissing Edith”. As you probably recall after all these months, Edith was a saxophone player.

And this is for “Fear of Falling” for obvious reasons.

So I hope you like the pictures, I know, it’s a bit much for one post but I had a hard time choosing. I still have huge prints of some more pictures that didn’t make the cut in the end.

Don’t forget to pop by on Saturday, if possible.

  2 Responses to “My photographs for the Saturday show”

  1. Schöne Fotos, besonders der Gargoyle und das Brot gefallen mir sehr!
    LG, Pia Pessoa

  2. Meine Lieblinge sind die Schildkröten- super Photos!

    LG Gabi

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