Aug 282011

Well, as you might have noticed I mainly stayed away from the blog. After a rainy and cold start we have had fully blown summer weather, and we tried to make the most of it while it lasted.  So this is just a quick post to tell you what happened till the end of July:

I went to a friend’s party in Bamberg:


Bamberg 2011

I went to another Creative Arts Breakfast Meeting

Rode my bike to a nearby “Biergarten”

Biergarten Krailling

Took my son to see the Smurf movie. Went there by bike. It was my first ever 3D movie. I think I prefer the 2D kind.

Went to a fellow writer’s birthday party, brought my guitar along and sang to songs for her.

Along with my husband and son rode my bike to the Andechs monastery again. We tried a new route that was brutal. I saw this for the first time ever:


After three hours of biking we absolutely had earned this:


and then we went all the way back home again.

Went to a writer’s meeting.

I had ordered a new spindle at the beginning of summer break and after only ten days it arrived. (I had ordered it because I found I need a medium weight one for the big sweater project I’m doing.) It’s a Bosworth Mini made of redheart wood, and it weighs 19 grams. It spend fabulous, and is very pretty.


Invited two of our neighbors over for barbecue. They’ve been living next to us for seven years now but this was the first time ever that we did anything together. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. My son’s besets friend came over as well and stayed overnight. Since we started in the afternoon, and it’s impossible to have anybody over after lunchtime without offering cake in Germany I made this:


Then we did our very first space clearing ever. Before we had had the impression that the house was full of bad vibes from the people who lived here before us. Now we feel much better.

space clearing

Then I got two packages in the mail. the first one is from LabCat from the US who tried to send this at the beginning of May because we did a swap. Well, after two months the package was back with her, German customs hadn’t wanted it to enter the country, for whatever reason. Since she spent the beginning of August in the UK she sent it again, and here it is:

vstring package

And on the very same day I got a package from the “fiber fairy”. No, really. In the revelry group I love the most there is a tradition of sending people fiber anonymously. Mostly when they’re having a bad time. Imagine my surprise when Dan of Gnomespun fiber sent me a message telling me that he needed my address because the yarn fairy had wanted to send me a gift. Wow. And it’s gorgeous. I’d say that I can’t wait to spin it but actually knowing myself it will be some time before I’ll get around to it.

gnomespun firebird

The another trip to the beergarden. Yes, we love it there. It’s in reasonable biking distance, it’s big and has gorgeous trees, the food isn’t too bad, and the beer is nice.



I always eat the same food there:

krailling again

And there were so many wasps that my son’s soft drink needed a cover:

krailling 2

Next thing we bikes to yet a different beer garden again, this time the Hirschgarten right in Munich. We went about 15 kilometers, a little more than an hour. We met a couple of people there (not pictured here):


Last week it was unbearably hot, and we went to a nearby lake so our son could practice swimming, this time by train because it was just too hot to bike, and then, a few days later, we went to a nearby outdoor pool, by bike again.

Then the weather cooled off, and we were happy to stay indoors again, as that is our natural habitat anyways. Of course, next thing we’re heading to Italy for camping. In a tent. We’re already starting to pack, and then we’ll be away for a week or so.

And, very exciting to me, I did manage to publish my very first ever sock pattern on ravelry. You can go and buy it. It’s available in German and English, and it’s anything but dull. Cables, lace, intricate construction, and very enjoyable to knit if I say so myself:

celtic summer socks

  2 Responses to “What I did during summer break so far”

  1. Ach, da bekomme ich gleich Fernweh nach Bayern. Nur dort gibt es richtig gutes, dunkles Bier. Vor allem das im Kloster Andechs ist sooo lecker!
    Naja, im Moment darf ich ja eh nicht, weil ich voll stille. Sonst bekommt das Baby noch einen Schwipps…

    Danke für die Fotos. Weiter so! Ich freu mich auch schon auf die nächste Podcast-Folge.

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin,
    Die Linkshänderin

  2. Oo Ich will auch Kammzug geschenkt kriegen! Gemein. Aber ich wünsch euch dann ganz viel Spaß in Italien und noch viel schönes Wetter. Ich flieg heut abend nach England (Bruder-wärts) und hab Winterpullis gepackt. :\

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