Jun 202011

We spent last week visiting my parents in Northern Germany, and I thought you might like a few impressions from that trip. The weather wasn’t that gorgeous but we only got rained on once or twice. We were unusually active that week, went to the pool twice, borrowed bikes from an aunt of mine, and had a little bike tour on the day before leaving. Of course that was the day it rained but we only got mildly damp so all was well.

So we went to an open air theater and saw a production of Pippi Longstocking:



My mother’s roses on the living room table:


Our son got to play with my cousin’s Lego train set:


And my mother’s garden full of roses (I have a thing for roses but I’ll spare you the other rose bush pictures):


At the place where my parents live (not where I grew up but where my mother grew up), there’s a genuine castle on a hill right at the town center:


Castle entrance:


Inner entrance (whatever it’s called):


The keep (I think):




Different view:


Where you get your tickets (we didn’t go inside this time):


Castle with sheep (You know I had to take that photo don’t you? And no, I don’t know which kind of sheep this is or where to get the fleeces, sorry.):


Castle from the other side of the hill (I know it looks as if there were a forest but there’s actually a park a bit further down):


And that’s it. I didn’t take the camera with me on the bike ride, I didn’t take any pictures while playing mini-golf (my son’s first time), and I totally forgot to take pictures most of the time.

Now I’ve one week left before resuming regular teaching, and I really hope to pop in here once or twice in the near future.


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