Apr 102011

And another sunny day here, I’m getting pretty spoiled, haven’t had to wear socks throughout the day for days on end now. (Weather report say we’re due to get low temperatures and freezing nights again starting Tuesday.)

We did mostly household chores like stripping all three beds which reminded me that we don’t own enough sheets for all of them. We need an extra duvet cover for my son’s bed because we gave him a bigger one than he had before. Having to sleep in the sleeping bag was averted, though, by doing the laundry quite early, and now everything has dried in the glorious sunshine to be put back on the beds again soon-ish.

I spun for about 40 minutes, and I read a bit, and I went for a walk, and I even played the piano for a short while, and now my husband reminds me that I had wanted to play guitar today as well which I’ll better do soon, before it’s time for dinner.

I was also asked about what my favorite kind of chocolate is, and all I could come up with so far is, “It depends.”  And so I have been pondering what kind of chocolate I like, and why, and how to categorize that in a way that another person could choose something I like, and it all has become way too complicated. I can’t even say if I like milk or dark better because it’s all about context, texture, and flavor. And there is a place in my heart both for very expensive and fancy dark chocolate and cheap candy bars. Nothing with liquor in it, though, I like my vices separate.

The thing is, I tend to think way too much about what I like, and why, and how to tell in advance because with all things – music, clothes, color, food – I keep meeting people who tell me, “If you like that you will like this.” and then I don’t. And then they point out that it has everything I said I liked, and they are right but I still don’t like it. And this puzzles me. And makes it really hard for the people I love to find suitable presents for me.

It’s like with colors. One can’t usually go wrong getting something for me in orange. And blue is always a bad choice. Unless it isn’t.

So I keep looking at things and thinking, “Why do I like this, and don’t like that? What is it about that that I like, and about that that I dislike? But then there was this other thing that I liked even though it has that quality that I usually don’t like but that time was different, but why?”

And I know that I’m over-thinking things – as usual – but I thought some of you might relate.

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  1. I like salty things because I never add salt at home. And I think that’s true of all sorts of things: I like a little variety.

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