Feb 122011

Just about five minutes ago I thought, “Well, if it’s February I should see when I posted my first post. Because of the blog anniversary.” And see, my blog anniversary was February 11th.

So happy belated blog anniversary to creative.mother.thinking. I don’t think the blog will mind that I’m late, it’s quite used to me and my procrastinate ways by now.

Five years is a long time. Especially in blogland. My posts have gotten longer and farther between, I am no longer posting about my son as much as I did before, there is way more knitting on the blog, also the podcast – but then things change, that’s the nature of life.

To be frank I’m never quite sure when my blog anniversary is precisely. I deleted my very first post which I posted about a year before my now official first post. I posted in German disclosing both my son’s name and the town where I live. This blog also wasn’t named “creative.mother.thinking” then, it was “diapers and music”. And it didn’t have it’s own domain.

And when I think about it the most amazing thing is that there are people who have been reading and commenting here for years now. Almost five years. All my imaginary friends who only live in the computer. This is amazing.

Who would have thought that there are so many friendly people out there? I was sitting here, trying to make friends where I live and not succeeding. And then I found communities on the internet. Making it possible to say that I’m not that weird, there are others like me out there. And some of them don’t live that far away and the circle sometimes closes again.

So thank you all for reading, there would not be a blog without you,


  4 Responses to “Woops, I missed my blog’s fifth anniversary”

  1. you have imaginary friends in your computer? I just have them in my head 🙂 or I used to as a child 🙂

  2. Happy belated anniversary to you too! I haven’t been here from the beginning, but for about three or four of the years I think. Keep on rolling. It is fun to read about your life’s journey. Congrats.

  3. hey, there has been a blogiversary make-over. Nice colors, and my “vintage” computer likes it better, too. It’s good to mark milestones because you can better see where there have been changes over time.

  4. Happy Birthday, little blog! Have a cookie. And keep this new design, it’s neat.

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