Feb 012011

So here it is after a bit of procrastination because I found that I was a bit scared of talking English in “public”, the über-long special English of my knitting podcast. Complete with German accent that gets worse towards the end, and a few “Germanisms” thrown in for good measure.

I mostly talk about all the projects I’ve been working on since August which you can find on my ravelry projects page. Sorry there are so few pictures.

I mentioned Tini because she gave me the idea for one of the topics, and

the Ouroborous Sweater by Debbie New.

Also there is a lot of mention of Wollmeise yarn.

  5 Responses to “Handgemacht/Handmade – Episode 10: First Ever Special English Edition”

  1. Hi there Susanne,

    I just wanted to stop by and give you a few words of encouragement, as I just finished listening to this episode of your podcast, and I think you did an absolutely FABULOUS job! No need to worry about either your English or your accent as you speak it, seriously. It was superb. Really. And trust me, I am *picky*, as I’m an American-born English teacher here in Germany. 🙂

    I listen to your German podcast, too (also wonderful), and what strikes me about both now is that you basically have the same “voice”/personality, the same way of expressing yourself, when you’re speaking either language. I think that’s also quite impressive, and something that I envy a little, as I’m still trying to achieve that in my German.

    So, with all that said – hats off to you, and I look forward to the next podcast. 🙂

    All the best from Hamburg,


  2. Hi tryste,
    thanks a lot. I already felt a bit discouraged because nobody had commented on the English episode at all. And such a nice comment too!
    It does take quite a bit of practice to become fluent in a second language. I thought I hadn’t worked on it much but my husband pointed out to me that I have immersed myself in English for decades now. It only didn’t seem like studying because I did it for fun.
    So thanks again for your encouragement

  3. New to your podcast via a mention on the KnitmoreGirls podcast and so thrilled to have found it!
    I used to be fluent in German, but having not had a chance to actively use it for years, it is wonderful to have a way to immerse myself in German again on a topic I know and love… its much easier to figure out the words I don’t know. I appreciate that on your German episodes you don’t speak too quickly, so it is easier for me to keep up.

    The English episode is great! (by the way, you have the lightest ‘german accent’ I’ve ever heard!) 😉
    It is great to listen to that episode and then go back and listen to the German ones so I can piece back together any pieces I missed in terms of content.

    many thanks, and I’ll be following your blog too!

  4. Hello, I heard about your podcast from the Twinneedles Podcast so that is why I am listening now, so long after you recorded it. You did wonderful, no need to be worried and I would like to thank you for doing your podcast in English, I really like it. I took 2 years of German in high school…many, many years ago so I do not remember much. Funny, earlier this month I purchased 3 levels of Rocket German and have started to learn German again and what do you know, right after that I heard about Twinneedles and your podcast. Maybe one day I will be able to listen to all your podcasts and understand them.

    Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to listen to your podcast, very much appreciated.

  5. Great podcast 🙂 You sound much better in English than I do in German! I am trying to learn German, so have been searching for knitting podcasts that will combine my learning of knitting and my learning of German. I will be looking up the rest of your podcasts, too. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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