Jan 242011
  1. I have a kind of blogger’s block because I still think I should have started the year with a “How my year of happiness went”-post, and a “My big goal for 2011”-post. I will do those some time before 2011 ends, but it is starting to get ridiculous.
  2. I also promised to make an English podcast episode, and I will, as soon as I find some space in my head.
  3. We had a very nice weekend, and went to some family brunch thing where we met other gifted families, and it was a lot of fun. But, very pricey, and no housework got done for the weekend.
  4. Which is why my husband have spent the day so far, furiously cleaning all the things. Floors where mopped. With water. Laundry got washed. There is still one load in the washer which I will have to hang up in the next 25 minutes.
  5. I’m typing as fast as I can.
  6. I got a new spindle, and I love, love, love it. Still, to show it I would have to take a picture, and it’s started to snow again which means – no light outside.
  7. I am also a bit grumpy because so far I’ve had my period not once but twice this month. In fact since the beginning of the year I’ve only had a week off.
  8. I went to see a specialist on menopause, and she thought it might be early-onset menopause. Then she asked me if I were okay with that. And what about if I couldn’t have any more children.
  9. I would be totally okay with that if I could please reach some hormonal equilibrum in the near future. Interestingly I’m totally done with having babies, and I don’t think it would make me feel old, and undesirable.
  10. I am quite sure that I have asthma after all. In addition to being triggered by allergies it might be triggered by exercise as well. Fun times! I already have a doctor’s appointment for that the week after next.
  11. I haven’t managed to write much this month either, and that makes me grumpy as well.
  12. It’s snowing like crazy, and I should be shoveling right now on top of everything else.
  13. It was my husband’s birthday last week, and we had a fabulous day, having lunch at an Indian restaurant not far from us, and in the evening we went and had some beer, just him and me. We almost never do this because whenever we go to Munich we think we should be doing something really special, like seeing a concert. But this very low-key celebration was exactly the right thing to do.
  14. I’ll leave you with a bad picture of the spindle. One day, when the sun will come back I’ll take a better one:


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  1. Sorry about your “female troubles”. I completely relate. Hope you get some relief.

  2. I went to see a chinese doctor to help with my female problems (and I wanted to have kids) as you know, it helped very very well ( without him I doubt that E. and M. would be here!)

  3. Me too sorry for the female problems. Only a week off sounds terrible!
    I have made good experience with homeopathy (even if I don´t believe in it). I took sepia for regulation of the period (had pain and a very heavy period), took it once or twice and my period normalized. Now I´m making a serious homeopatic therapy (for two years now) and some of my allergies are gone (all food allergies, cat allergy). I hope, also this spring and summer will be without sneezing.
    I can´t imagne your asthma is “triggered” by exercise in the same meaning as it is triggered by allergies. But when you exercise, you need more oxigen, you breath deeper (so you inhalate more particles you are allergic to). Your whole metabolism has to do more and you have more asthma.
    Hope you get helped and wish you some more Feierabendbier with you husband,
    Pia Pessoa

  4. Oh, and thank You (and some others) for improving my english! If You would´nt write in english I had no need to improve it.
    (und das ist jetzt bestimmt ein falscher Gebrauch der tempi, aber egal)

  5. I’m not sure it’s necessary to announce goals on your blog (obviously I haven’t either). Hope that the health niggles are sorted out soon, although i think new spindles and beer will help distract you. Seriously – going for a beer with just your husband? How delightful.

  6. i am currently reading the happiness project. not sure if I’ll do one myself or not, but thought of you, of course, and would love to read your year in review if you do one. 😉

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