Jan 082011

Yes, I will write a real blog post at some time in the future, but this week I’m still in holiday mood. Yesterday I went to the Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde in Munich and took a gazillion pictures. Mostly of textiles since I was there to look at their Mayan textiles exhibition. Since that only filled one room I went and saw a bunch of other stuff as well. Most of the brightly colored stuff is woven on a backstrap loom, something I’m a bit fascinated with at the moment. In fact I’, thinking about making one for myself. Then there are African things as well, made from tree bark, and something called Raffia (I had never heard about that before but I bet it’s some sort of bast fiber. (And I looked it up, yes, it’s some kind of palm.))

And I haven’t forgotten the blog or my readers or listeners, and I will wish you a happy new year properly next week.

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  1. I found the museum’s website interesting. Those textiles you photographed were very beautiful, but the clothing itself was so unfashionable for any era.

    After spending so much time with my children over the holidays, I found myself yearning for a peaceful trip through a museum.

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