Dec 212010

A little meh day for no apparent reason. I seem to be a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. (I typed “everwhelmed” at first, a very fitting description.) It’s already 4 pm, there was a bit of sunshine earlier but now it’s gray again. I did manage to send away the Christmas package to my parents and another one to my sister, and now I’m done with getting gifts here and there. It seems that the gift giving has reached a critical mass, this year there were half a dozen packages already. (My sister had to order my parents’ gifts for us from online because while my father has been owning a computer for about 40 years (early adopter) he somehow isn’t able to do it on his own. So my sister ordered All the Presents, said she wanted them in one package and then every little book and CD came on his own. We had a fun time sorting it all out. If the postman has to ring our bell one more time I have to give him a present too. (He already told me (when he rang on Sunday which is his day off) that he was too busy to go to the doctor for his ear infection, eye infection and the dog bite he got.)

Then I helped the mother of a three week old baby with her sling. About seven years ago I volunteered, people can get my phone number and make an appointment with me, and then I show them how to carry their babies in the sling. I keep forgetting that I’m on the list because so far only three people ever called me about that. It was nice to get to help someone but then I find that the baby thing is not my thing anymore. I really like to encourage the carrying and the use of a sling but I will remove my name from the list.

Then I helped my husband to cook, had lunch (excellent Greek food today, calamari, tsatziki, and kritharaki), had a fight with my son because he needed to hurry up to get back to some school activity, threw him out the door, and taught four students.

And now I’m sitting here, my last student of the day canceled and so I get to do All the Grocery Shopping, and maybe get a tree so that this Christmas we might have one that looks a little less sad, crooked, and Charlie Brownish.

By the way, this new format of blog post comes from me posting these little daily reports on a spinner’s forum where everybody just tells what kind of day they had. When I looked at that, and that it was quite long I thought it might make a good substitution for a real blog post. I hope you like it at least a little bit.

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  1. Lots of blog posts are just about what people do and think during the day and that’s a very popular format. I enjoy these because I think of the bloggers who I read as friends and I want to know about their days.

    Our tree this year is the most crooked tree that ever got cut down for Christmas. The ironic part is that my husband chose it. He usually rejects all the perfectly good trees I pick because he thinks they will tip over.

    I know how you feel about the help-line for the baby sling. I have been toying with the idea of offering to come into the preschool to read or do a craft, but now that my own kids are older, that really doesn’t appeal to me as much.

    Happy Christmas!!

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