Dec 172010

So today’s my son’s 8th birthday, and so I stayed up late yesterday to bake and decorate 30 cupcakes to take to school today,


also de-frosted the cake, decorated the breakfast table,


and set all his presents out.


Today I got up extra early, snuggled a bit with said son (my favorite bit of the day so far), we had breakfast all together (for the birthday even my husband got up early). Then bringing the child and the cupcakes to school, all the while feeling guilty because my MIL was out shoveling snow, and then I felt bad again when the teacher asked if I would come and get the tray later. I thought my son would be totally able to carry a tray home from school, especially when it’s empty. (For the tray full of cupcakes, not so much.) Only later did I realize that in today’s culture where walking through the snow is considered cruel punishment most parents would have picked up both the child and the tray. It’s really weird that I have my mom guilt-moments at the exact time when I’m spending all my time and energy doing things for the son instead of me.

Then a bit of drinking tea and chatting with husband, then errands again, now I’m all set with buying presents. Then hanging up of laundry, and running for 30 minutes (indoors!), having lunch with my son and his friend. His friend is about the loudest talking kid I know. When I went to the annex to take a shower my husband said, “Guess what pitch our son’s friend’s talking is.” I said Ab. I was right. (This flummoxes me a little, and makes me proud.)

Then I made them both do homework, then I taught two piano students, then I started writing this and had a piece of birthday cake, then I taught four more students, and then was now.

I haven’t knit or spun any so far. Now I’m waiting for my last student of the day and then it’s beer o’clock.

Tomorrow I will host a Star Wars birthday party. So far I have everything I need for a cake with blue frosting, green colored soda, extra strong paper and elastic for making masks, and a list of game ideas. And origami paper for folding x-wing-fighters. I have the feeling that beer o’clock will come early tomorrow, and that I won’t be doing anything on Sunday.

I have been all bake-y lately, I even made my very first Stollen. Lactose-free and only a trace of fructose:


The end.

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  1. That stack of gifts is mighty impressive. I hope he got just what he was dreaming of. I was shopping today in a cook’s specialty store and was surprised by all the Star Wars stuff. Shapes to make pancakes that look like storm troopers! I have just finished my errands and enjoyed a Winter Lager while reading this. your stollen looks great – here it is unusual to see one that is not in a store, and mostly,, they don’t look that dood.

  2. Erm. Good. For some reason the computer is running so slowly that each letter I type takes a few seconds to appear and I got impatient at the end.

  3. 30 cupcakes… good for you!!! You are a saint. I often just bought a mandelkuchen at the local bakery and my children have gown up still liking their mom and well acquainted with their social responsibilities (lol). Do try and not get caught in the current of other people’s expectation. 8 year old, how much a boy he is now!

  4. Congratulations to the son and to You as mother also!
    Very bake-y indeed. I never made something like this for the school – my son preferred sweeties (and I was happy). Your Stollen looks very good!
    I´m not shure, what pitch means and the answer Ab. Er spricht auf Tonhöhe as? Gutes Ohr!
    I wish You a nice birthday party!

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