Dec 082010

I’m still thinking of you and the blog and everything, only it’s December, what can I say.

My ta da-list for today so far (that’s what you already have accomplished):

  • went to the health food store by car so I could get to the bigger one

  • bought a small loom for my son as a Christmas present

  • bought eyes for Sheldon

  • bought beer and juice

  • went to the post office

  • untangled my MILs cell phone trouble

  • ordered photo calendars for all the

  • ordered Christmas presents for my sister and my brother-in-law

  • taught two students (two canceled)

  • knitted on my husband’s mittens for half an hour

now all that’s left to do is:

  • teach two more students
  • somehow manage to make Star Wars-themed birthday party invitations
  • relax
  • write half a story for tomorrow’s writers meeting
  • get off overdrive
  • have a beer and knit some stockinette in the round

  3 Responses to “Ta-da and To-do”

  1. blimey your ta-da list is brilliant well done

  2. Can I go straight for the beer? Everything I tried to do today was stymied. I’m frustrated and exhausted.

    Happy birthday to D!

  3. Star-Wars themed birthday doesn´t sound easy at all! I wish You a lot of creativity. And I like the expression ta da-list. And Your list today is quite long, congrats.
    Happy birthday-celebrating,
    Pia Pessoa

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