Aug 212010

Still alive and doing reasonably well. I did take a nice (or not so nice) new picture every day, and now I’m a bit fazed by the task of uploading and sorting and such. I will do it some time in the near future, I promise, but not today.

Last week was near perfect, I spun, and knit, and cooked, and read, and thought about projects, and even exercised.

Now I’ll bake a cake, give myself a pedicure, knit some more, and who knows, maybe I’ll even sew myself a nice sundress out of a curtain to wear to a brunch tomorrow so that – rather than feeling like a fat, badly-dressed idiot – I’ll feel like a fat, eccentric idiot who is fun to be with.

This – of course – is entirely reasonable and doable since it’s only afternoon by now.

See you.

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  1. i wanna see the sundress!

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