Jul 232010


On Sunday while waiting for the train I was struck by the thought that I really need to make myself a Vine Yoke Cardigan out of handspun. I got obsessed with the idea and spent all of Monday researching fiber. I wanted something that was a natural chocolate brown. Not too short-stapled so that it wears well, not too robust so that it’s soft enough.

Today I got the box in the mail. This ball of fiber is huge, it’s 1 kilo (not quite 2 pounds). I also bought the pattern. I’m looking forward to this like crazy but I guess going by my usual rate I’ll probably finish this in August. Next year.

  2 Responses to “Yet another project”

  1. You know in a couple of years you’ll want to be actually shearing the sheep…

  2. argh! My eyes! I clicked over and saw all those beautiful patterns and got so excited that I forgot I don’t know how to knit.

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