Jul 172010

I had such a great day that I forgot to take pictures:

– spinning orange Merino/Silk while watching the Tour de France on TV

– my husband staying home unexpectedly (he had planned to go to a party and stay overnight)

– barbecue in the rain (both we and the barbecue were in a dry place)

– baking bread (it’s rising as I write this).

I know it’s a bit weird, turning this blog into a photo blog. There are so many unwritten blog posts rolling around in my head, and I can’t seem to find the time to write them down at the moment. Blogging became just one more thing on my list that I didn’t manage to do in time. So I decided to take the pressure off. At the same time there were two people reminding me about taking photographs, both visitors who came into our house for the first time. Both of them asking about the pictures on our walls. Which reminded me that I was the one who had taken them. And that I sometimes like to photograph. So for now you’ll get more frequent posts with less words. I also was inspired by Amanda Soule who always fills my heart with joy.

The funny thing is that by taking pictures of the things I love about each day my mood has lifted, and I feel a bit lighter and happier.

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