May 132010

This weekend is very special because – my husband is visiting friends. He’ll be actually away for 2 1/2 days. This happens about once every two or three years, and so, of course, I have made special plans. Now, a few days before he’s traveling I still hope for a blissfully empty weekend where I’ll do everything exactly as I like. Experience tells me that usually I just sit around and wait for him to come back because I’m not used to this, and I can’t sleep when he’s not in the house. But for now: hope. So I made little list:

  1. Sew a bag to hold my two new spindles.
  2. Weave in ends, sew buttons on, and block every single piece of finished knitting that’s on the “knitting to be finished”-pile.
  3. Darn socks, and other items of clothing.
  4. Clean the house including windows.
  5. Sew a skirt.
  6. Finish knitting clues 4 to 7 of the Alhambra-Shawl.
  7. Get enough sleep.
  8. Go to spinning meeting on Sunday.
  9. Bake a cake to take to spinning meeting.
  10. Exercise.
  11. Do something special with my son.
  12. Take pictures of all the finished knitted items.
  13. Write a story for the next writer’s group meeting.
  14. Finish doing taxes.

That’s pretty do-able, don’t you think?

  5 Responses to “Things I plan to do on the weekend”

  1. It is if you actually keep on track. Yesterday i was unable to get up from bed all day due to a bout of vertigo, and I thought of SO many things which I could do. Today, I’m up, but my head is muddled and my son is talking and singing, and nothing is getting done.

  2. I guess about half of the stuff will be more likely. (Set a timer if you “pause”, so that the time you spend “fiddling” around while taking a break isn’t expanding into hours 😉

  3. I agree with Tini – it is pretty much! Ich wünsche dir ein entspanntes Wochenende und soviel geschafft zu haben, dass du zufrieden mit Dir sein kannst.

  4. Yeah sure – you’ll manage the lot with time to spare I think 🙂 This is the sort of list I make. I think the best thing you can say for it is, while you might never get it all done in a weekend, you are never going to be short of things to do. Much better to have a backlog than never have anything you want to get around to.

  5. So, what did you manage to finish of this list?

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