Mar 022010

… a lot has happened during the past two weeks or so, and I don’t really know where to start blogging about it all.

  • I have a new piano, and one of these days I’ll show you a picture. One of these days when it’s not raining or snowing or totally grey outside (or dark, like it’s now).
  • I took part in the ravelympics. That’s like olympic games for knitters. I knitted and spun almost day and night, and I have medals to show for it.
  • Also, I have designed a new lace pattern, and have high plans to make the pattern available for the public, plus “publishing” the other lace pattern I made. You know, the one I finished in November.
  • One day in the future you might even hear me playing my new piano on this here blog. Who knows. A friend of mine has already been complaining that there are no new songs to listen to.
  • I finished a kick-ass story last month which you will be able to read here shortly. (At least that one is finished.) It’s all very exciting because it’s something I really considered finished. And the writing is quite unusual for me. No la-la-la-sort-of-chick-lit but it actually has adjectives.
  • At the last spinning meeting I tried a friend’s spindles, and I really, really loved them. I even loved them better than my beloved Golding spindle. I was good though, I didn’t snatch them from her and took them home, I didn’t even go home and ordered some right on the spot, no, I sold two of my spindles first to raise the money for buying new ones. (People who buy new pianos should practice a spot of restraint in spending money.)
  • Especially since both the car and the heating broke in the last weeks. Both just after I ordered the piano, of course. But all is well now.
  • I signed up for NaNoEdMo because I thought it would be a good idea to edit one of my attempts at novels. I hadn’t thought about the fact that in order to successfully edit it I will have to spend something like 50 hours with my manuscript this month. So far I have done nothing but unearth the manuscript, and finding the editing pen that a friend gave me at the celebratory dinner after my first NaNoWriMo in 2006. Finding the manuscript was easier than I had thought. I opened my file cabinet, looked for the folder marked “NaNoWriMo novels” and pulled the manuscript out. Actually I thought I would have to spend ages digging through piles of paper but no.
  • I’ll give you an update on my “year of happiness” as well.
  • Some day.

So there will be at least something on this blog in the near future. How have you all been?

  4 Responses to “Again I’m at that point where …”

  1. A new piano… what a marvel that must be. Can’t wait to hear you play a song for us. Also, looking forward to reading your story.

  2. Happy song-writing inspired by the new piano! And your green scarf is very nice!

  3. following you on twitter – i noticed we have something in common. my blog name for many years was creative mommying…and i notice yours, creative mother! i recently changed it to little quiver.

    looks like you have a great many different creative talents! i’d love to learn to spin!
    have a lovely day!

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