Aug 282009

I have to say so far this summer break has been very enjoyable. We decided to stay at home and do touristy things here. That was a great idea. I actually did quite a lot of the things on my list.

We rode our bikes, and hiked, and went swimming, and had food from our garden, and made pizza from scratch, and went to Bamberg, and had barbecues, and the weather was fantabulous, and on the days that it wasn’t we sat indoors, making things. As always I haven’t been as productive as I had wanted to, but my piano is all working again (and the sound is much better now, I can’t believe it), and I have knit half an unplanned cardigan.

So, here are a few pictures (Well, quite a lot of pictures but I was amazed at how many things we had done without taking the camera.):


First harvest this year.


Hiking to the Andechs monastery.




Ammersee again (there’s nobody in the picture I know, by the way)


A day later we grilled the fish be bought at the lake, and again some of our own peppers.


We even moved the garden furniture. (And behind the furniture you can see the pots that hold all our tomato, eggplant, pepper, and chili plants. Right before the jungle of zucchini, and beans, and potatoes.)


We made lactose-free pizza from scratch, with spinach,and eggplant from the garden.)


I taught my son how to use a sewing machine, and he made several bags.


I went to the botanical garden.


And it’s hothouses.


We went to Bamberg as every year. (And I have no idea why the weather looks so grey, it really wasn’t.)


My son took a lot of pictures, including this one of me packing.

I read a lot of books, I knit a lot, I spun a lot (and I have to tell you about my new spinning wheel), went to beer gardens a lot, and rode my bike a lot. We’ll be having friends over on the weekend, I’ll prepare my sock knitting class for the German raveler meeting, and will help my husband with his album in the making. He’s been busy recording and mixing for the last few weeks.

Two and a half more weeks to go. We’ve been enjoying our family time so much, I hope we can keep this up when school starts again.

  6 Responses to “First half of summer break”

  1. looks and sounds wonderful!

  2. The photos are marvelous. They really give a feeling of a quite enjoyable summer. Summers should be like that more often. My kids were in Bamberg probably just around the time you were there. In any case, they had the same weather you did.

  3. Das klingt nach einer sehr harmonischen Zeit – möge sie noch weitergehen!

    Lieben Gruß,
    Pia Pessoa

  4. I wonder what happened to my comment? I think I got so hungry looking at that pizza and forgot to post it. (sorry!)

    Your son sews very straight. Good job!

    I posted some summer photos on Facebook.

  5. Beautiful! Summery, delicious and gorgeous. You’re so lucky.

  6. Was that the first barbecue ever made?

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