Aug 102009

You know how you always think you’ll have more time once summer break starts? That summer break that’s 10 days old today? Yeah. Me, too.

I have been doing things but posting here hasn’t been one of them. I’ve been playing computer games on my ipod, I’ve been ordering and receiving a new spinning wheel, a couple of weeks ago I found out that I probably have ADD, we’ve been making the most of every single non-raining day that we had so far, I found out that not only am I weighing as much again as just after I had the baby (I never was heavier, btw), I’m also completely unfit so that a hike that seemed like a breeze last year left me panting and with sore muscles for days this year (well, I wasn’t panting for days).

I’ve been reading books, watching Torchwood all through for the second time, and Farscape, finished two pair of socks, started two other pairs of socks, frogged back a quarter of an intricate lace shawl only to start something new with the same yarn, decided to also rip back a turtleneck sweater that I’m making (half-finished), decided not to order any books, CDs, DVDs, computer games, yarn, or spinning fiber ’til the end of summer break, only to buy four comics, and another game (it was only 4 Euros I swear).

I have a long list of things I want to do until the middle of September:

  • work out again (see above)
  • design and knit a lace shawl for a class I’ll be teaching next fall
  • install a new version of WordPress on my blog and that of my husband
  • sew some pillow cases and coasters
  • write a story about summer in the next ten days
  • ply the Corriedale I spun up, and spin up some lovely hand-dyed BFL I bought (that’s a sheep breed for those who don’t know, Blue Faced Leicester -I doubt that they really have blue faces, though)
  • write at least one blog post about “How to be idle” and “Idle Parenting” – for the record, these books are marvelous and eye opening, and very helpful. Now I feel like a revolutionary instead of a lazy person
  • tidy and maybe clean the house so that some flat surfaces will be visible again
  • pick up the guitar and play once or twice
  • ditto with singing and piano
  • have my piano repaired (which means that there won’t be any piano-playing for a week, since parts of it need to be removed)
  • go on at least two more hikes
  • go swimming with my son often so that maybe he will be able to swim at the end of summer
  • go to a party in Bamberg in two weeks
  • attend the first German raveler meeting in the middle of September and before that to prepare my class there
  • use the hammock and enjoy the garden as often as I can

Right now it’s raining, I have to answer a gazillion e-mails, and phone a handful of people but my son is upstairs with his grandma and my husband is recording bass lines. Oh, I’ll do some singing for him soon, too.

You know why I love vacationing at home? If I were somewhere else right now I’d have to sit in a tiny ugly hotel room with both my husband and son, sitting on uncomfortable beds with nothing to do but wait until it stops raining.

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  1. Well good. I like when you check in once in a while. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Does this mean that you had ADD since you were a child or did you develop it later in life? I remember being “diagnosed” as being dyslexic as an adult and how that soooooo much explained a lot of things that I experienced from an early age.

    No matter that the list in long, the top of the list should be “be lazy and have a good time”. Promise?

  3. i keep thinking I’ll have more time once MQ’s summer break is over… in 3 days. but who am i kidding? Once play opens and another goes into rehearsal…

  4. Well sometimes life does have to take place on the other side of the screen and rightly so. Your list looks great, and you’ll have a fabulous time even if you only manage to do half of it.

  5. Ah, Torchwood, I love hearing the South Wales accent on t.v.

  6. your vacation sound heavenly. i have a one week vacation next week and already my list is longer than yours 🙂

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