May 132009


Hey, I’m back again! Now we’re entering the greens which I love. Here you see a picture of one of our new water bottles, and the flower pot that my son’s bread came in for Mother’s day. They made a yummy sunflower seed and buttermilk bread that they baked in these clay flower pots, decorated with a cardboard flower and a card with a sappy poem. Of course I cried when I read it.

This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen“.

  One Response to “Projekt “Farbe bekennen” – light green/ hellgrün”

  1. I love this shade of green.

    What a cute sunflower bread idea. I realize I am also pretty hungry as I read this.

    I am supposed to be coming up for an activity for my Daisy Girl Scouts for this afternoon and I would rather be doing anything else.

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