Apr 272009

It’s a bit embarrassing to write a blog post when you’re having blogger’s block but then if I don’t start posting again soon I maybe never will.

At first I was relieved that I had pulled the ads from my website so that I no longer am under the obligation to post two or three times a week, then I was tagged and wanted to do that very much but – I didn’t quite know how, and then – it all became a bit ridiculous.

So I have decided to just post anything to tell the few readers that are still hanging here that I’m still alive, everything is well, I don’t seem to be depressed right now (yay!) and life is good. Only a bit busy. Just a moment ago I counted how many students I have and it’s 33. No wonder I have the feeling of less spare time.

Also I have been going to bed on time almost every day, which is wonderful also but cuts into blogging time even more.

Also I don’t use my wifi anymore but the cable connection which means that I spent quite a bit of time knitting in the sun this weekend, without my computer.

So I leave you with pictures of our Easter breakfast (I know that was weeks ago, see how behind I am), and a promise to post again soon.


You can see that we’re more about the food than the decoration in our house. The stuffed bunny always shares breakfast with us, it’s my son’s favorite toy.


Self-baked lactose-free “Osterzopf”.

  4 Responses to “Well, um – hullo?”

  1. Yum. The bread looks really good. (As do the meats, which reminds me, I told the kids they could have a snack.)

    I was thinking today that I don’t have any topics that I feel like developing into a post. Hmph.

  2. So you found some things to have less of – sounds like the balance is right for you just now, and you do sound quite cheery, which is heartening. Makes me think I ought to put the laptop down and go to bed with my book.

  3. Thanks for touching base. Glad to hear you are enjoying the sunshine.

  4. i love the rabbit and i wish i could sit down at that table with you.

    i also wish i had students coming to me rather than me having to go to them.

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