Apr 082009

I don’t quite know why but this is so completely typical of me. It’s spring outside, marvelous warm weather, plants blooming, sun and color again after months of grayness, and what do I do? Sit inside.

Not even at the computer much, I basically spent my last two days spinning, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I’m waiting for Easter break to feel like days off but I have the faint suspicion that by the time I feel like I had free time it will be over.

Of course I had great plans, I wanted to sing, and play the piano, and write a bit more on my beach story, and tomorrow there will be writer’s group meeting again, I wanted to take a bit of time to think about my life, and what I want to change, and I wanted to write about the epiphany I had on Saturday, but all I find myself doing is things that don’t require me thinking, quiet things, restful things.

In a way I feel like I need a year off from everything but I really hope that I will feel better after a few weeks of sleeping enough and going for walks, and getting into meditation again.

I feel the need to apologize that I don’t read your blogs, or twitters, that I don’t answer letters, or phone calls, or e-mails. That I haven’t opened twitter the whole day.

I also haven’t done the monthly or yearly taxes, haven’t vacuumed or cleaned the bathrooms, I haven’t made the best of fair spring weather, haven’t gotten groceries for Easter, and can’t be bothered to look up the ingredients for our traditional Easter bread.

While I’m tired I have been good with sleeping, every day since April 1st I have slept eight hours or more. Except for the night my son was sick.

Life is good, my son is calming down a bit, my husband is happily recording drums to new songs, and tomorrow we will make pizza from scratch.

So, the only thing I have to show for the past days (and weeks and weeks before) is this:


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  1. Well, after all this result was worth spending your time inside. 😉


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