Feb 032009

or so, and it’s already Tuesday or something, but, well, it has been one of those weeks (yes, all two days of it, and it feels like it should be over already):

  • I spent the whole weekend dreading the dolphin costume (you know, the one I’m making for my son for carnival), and then cutting and sewing. The good news is that the body of the costume is done, and it looks great so far (after I had erringly sewn the dolphin’s back fin to the inside). The bad news: I still don’t know how I will make the head, I’ll figure that out next weekend.
  • just when I had the feeling of almost recovered health my son has a cold – again – with fever and everything.
  • my son having a fever equals him sleeping next to me, or rather him tossing and turning, and rousing me about every fifteen minutes (no kidding) by tickling my nose and asking, “Can we get up now?”
  • after the second night of this I was a bit, um, irritated today; also I can’t seem to stop eating
  • the Finanzamt send me a letter claiming that I hadn’t paid my tax for December, and it turns out that I indeed did pay it but I, myself, was stupid enough to label it “January 09”; argh. Of course something like this has to come up now of all times, not last week or the week before – and of course they can’t just think about it for a bit like “Why is she sending this in when a) she hasn’t paid for the month before, and b) the month she is paying for isn’t over yet?”; I know there aren’t many people who get paid to think on their job
  • for once I wanted to get grip on my monthly story deadline, so I had planned to write my monthly story – which is due next Thursday – today; then all of a sudden I was on 24/7 mommy duty (on the other hand I get to write this because my mother-in-law is having my son right now)
  • while having a sick child is bad for things like blogging, writing, and making music it’s really good for knitting; I’m finishing things right and left
  • at least I’m really happy that I had the brilliant idea that I can watch DVDs on my laptop in the evenings while I’m waiting for my son to fall asleep; he falls asleep earlier because he knows I’ll be there for a while, and I don’t have the feeling of being on the job forever; also I can watch two episodes of Farscape at night instead of just one
  • now I have to sign off because I have an unexpected feverish kindergartener sitting on my lap.

See you in a few days, I hope. How are you?

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  1. we just came in from shoveling all around and then playing in the huge mountain of snow at the bottom of our driveway. Of course, it kept snowing the whole time so we might as well not have bothered with the shoveling, but I feel sort of bad that Tony always has to do it. (though he has power tools for it, whereas I do not.)

    so the kids are happy and tired with red cheeks from fun rather than fever and I am happy because I am baking a meatloaf so it was doing its thing the whole time I was outside! Yay.

    I haven’t gotten anything done, but I have been keeping very detailed lists so that when I get a minute to myself, if I decide not to sleep or shower, perhaps I will get something accomplished.

  2. sickness throws a household all out of whack, it’s true. While MQ rarely gets sick, and it’s always short lived, I am fighting off a cold and am rather cranky in the meantime

  3. Oh nein, du Arme! Aber ich glaub, in solchen Situationen kannst du dich einfach nicht an deinen Plan halten, das geht einfach nicht. Höhere Gewalt. Verschieb die Projekte (naja, außer vielleicht den Delphin – so was wür dich ja nie und nimmer nähen! Respekt!) bis dein Sohn gesund ist.
    Und immerhin strickst du, das ist doch auch gut.
    Oh, und seit wann schaust du Farscape?? Ich hab just meine Ma gezwungen, endlich den kaputten DVD-Player zu ersetzen, damit ich die erste Staffel fertig schauen kann, die ich dem Bruder geschenkt hatte.
    Übrigens hab ich dein Buch (Spook Country) seit Ewigkeiten durch, willst du es mal wiederhaben? 😀

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