Jan 262009

Just the other day I was telling somebody on ravelry that I don’t have much stash, also I’m running out of sock yarn. When I have finished the two pairs of socks currently on my needles there is no more new sock yarn.

On the other hand I can barely close my yarn drawer, and there are projects, patterns, yarn and needles everywhere in the house. How can those two things be true at the same time?

So I decided to a) think about it, and b) pull out the wool and have a look at it. I haven’t gotten as far as actually looking at it right now but thinking about it helped a little. I think I might start to understand what’s going on here.

  1. I usually put my leftover yarn in the attic. Sadly the “leftover yarn boxes” are full. More knitting means more leftovers. This is one of the reasons why there is a lot of yarn in my yarn drawer.
  2. When I ordered the yarn for my last two sweaters online I, of course, ordered a bit more than I thought I’d need. Since the shop isn’t nearby I can’t just go and get more. Actually, with the last sweater I ordered the exact amount of yarn needed and I have about 2 1/2 skeins left over. I know, it’s a mystery. That accounts for 400 g of yarn between the two sweaters. The leftover yarn would make great mittens or hats (I don’t knit scarfs, hate making them). Only the colors don’t match anyone’s coats.
  3. Even though I thought I don’t have any more sock yarn there is in my yarn drawer: a) an almost finished pair of summer socks, b) leftovers of two pairs of socks, enough yarn two knit another pair out of the same yarn, c) between 40 and 60 grams of each skein of Wollmeise sock yarn that I’ve ever owned (which might become either striped or fair isle socks at one point).
  4. There is leftover Wollmeise lace yarn, enough for a lace scarf, or if combined with the two other colorways of Wollmeise lace that I have (that accounts for two of my currently active projects), there might be enough for yet another stole,
  5. There is yarn I bought in order to make yet another lace stole, this one will be for a friend.
  6. There is leftover yarn from making a scarf and hat that will eventually become a pair of fair isle mittens for me. (
    And it would be nice if I finished those before August. So that I can actually wear them.
  7. There are three balls of cotton sock yarn that I wanted to design socks for. They have been sitting in the drawer, untouched since July. I had an epiphany last week, and have declared that I will just make socks following a pattern. Designing should be fun, not a chore. The pattern is sitting on my piano at the moment, the yarn is in the yarn drawer. And I won’t start them soon, since it’s not summer yet.
  8. There is enough cotton from 1994 to make yet another preemie blanket. Only I hate working with cotton.

I think that’s all, apart from the hat that needs seaming that sits on top of the fridge, the lace shawl and pirate scarf that need blocking that sit on top of the dresser, the two pairs of socks, and two lace shawls in progress that sit on the kitchen bench, the unfinished cotton sweater that sits in the knitting basket in the living room (it only needs another sleeve and a button band to be finished), and a ziploc bag with the cast-on for the aforementioned baby blanket that probably will never happen.

So, you can easily see why I have the feeling that I’m in desperate need of wool, can’t you? O already ordered yarn for another sweater (one that I really need), a knitted doll, and a pair of socks. I’m desperately waiting for them to arrive. Before I run out of yarn and things to knit.

I feel quite virtuous, though, because only half of the drawer is full of wool. The other one is occupied by my fabric stash. That somehow overflows into the rest of the bedroom too…

P.S.: I just remembered the spinning stash, and the handspun. And the yarn that was a hat that was too big for me until half an hour ago when I wound it on the niddy-noddy to re-knit the hat. Ouch.

  6 Responses to “My Yarn Stash”

  1. I think you should be proud that you’ve actually finished so many projects!

  2. hihihihi 🙂

    I shall ship the yarn to you ASAP!

  3. you need an intervention.

  4. Corrine, I am proud of finishing so much, it’s just that I was in denial about how much wool I have. I’m getting it organized, and then it won’t be a problem for a while.

    Tini, well, I really don’t have any fresh sock yarn, it’s practically an emergency… (I ordered some hand-dyed sock yarn from her yesterday.)

    De, nah, I only need to tidy up my yarn. In knitting circles this is considered failry normal.

  5. Also, wenn du dringend Wolle brauchst, darfst du gern rĂŒberkommen und durch die zwei Ikeakörbe, die vier PlastiktĂŒten und den kompletten Schrank stöbern – alles voll mit Wollen, die hier niemals verarbeitet werden werden. (Äh.) In allen Farben und StĂ€rken! GrĂ¶ĂŸtenteils sogar komplett polyestherfrei. Und dann hĂ€tte ich mehr Platz fĂŒr meinen Stoff, bei dem ich exakt das selbe Problem habe wie du mit deiner Wolle! 😀 Nur dass ich grad glĂŒcklicherweise gar kein Geld habe, um mir impulsiv neuen zu kaufen…

  6. your list of projects really is amazing. I only like to knit scarves!! I think you need to make lots of pom poms and then your yarn stash will diminish quickly. Unfortunately though you will then have a hosue full of pom poms. You will then need a pom pom drawer!

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