Dec 102008

Welcome again to our monthly roundtable bringing together posts about social justice in the parenting blogosphere.


For more than a year now I have been greeting you in this way on the tenth of every month. Every month we have been gathering links and posts and issues to be presented in this space. It all started two years ago when all of a sudden Jen and Mad decided to have a social justice wedding of blogs. To celebrate they put together a list of posts dealing with social justice, and then it became a monthly event.
The Just Posts have expanded, and dwindled, some time ago Hel and I were asked to act as co-hosts to represent the continents we live on (and I still can’t get my head wrapped around the concept of me being the “European ambassador” of the Just Post roundtable).
I still feel very honored to be part of this, an effort to build a parenting blogger community with interests beyond poop. Nevertheless it has become harder and harder to make room for this sort of commitment in my life. Like Mad says, I too don’t spend my whole time in front of the computer reading and writing blogs anymore.
Still, I’d rather see us making a clean cut than dwindle away into nothingness because of neglect. And who knows, maybe somebody will step up and continue the tradition and the Just Posts will go on.
The Just Posts are proof that blogging can change things, and most important of all, people. I know that what began as a whimsical “wedding” two years ago has changed me and my life considerably. Nothing can take that away.
So, in keeping with the tradition there will be some kind of celebration next month for the last issue of the Just Post roundtable. You might want to think about how to celebrate this occasion in style.
Until then, here are this month’s findings:
Alejna with Making history and The bittersweetness of pants

Billie with Public Defenders under siege in Miami..and everywhere

Bipolarlawyercook with The guiltiest day of the year

Bon with The morning after

Chani with Don’t let them take what’s yours and Waging peace: Proposition 8

Defiant Muse with My hope for you and Equality for all

Em with What about this crisis? and Triple bottom line (TBL)

Emily with photos of a rally and Flying the banner

Emily with Resisting the urge

Erika with Equality is equality

Flutter with Helicopters make him cry

Girlgriot with Tannin’, Tommin’ and getting merry like Christmas

Gwen with A Hard Truth. A Soft Landing

Holly with Part of the main and Yes we can improve the health of our communities

Janet with Everything is connected and Something else for you to do

Jen with Turn of a phrase, mail call and A day like any other

Josh with What would it take, my brother?

Kyla with Heavy

Letters from Usedom with My African children

Mad with 1,385

Maggie, dammit with What are you Contributing with all that hate? and Violence Unsilenced

Magpie with Repurposed: hat and blankets

Mary with The Veterans

Monkeys on the roof with Summer cold

Mother Woman with Let them eat change

Neil with Another argument for gay marriage

Ngorobob House with Food for thought, mostly

Reya with The yin and yang of it all

Tanis with It’s true: You can’t put a price on stupidity

Zoom at KnitNut with Harm reduction in the context of real life

the dear readers:
Mayberry Mom

And, as always, please go over to Mad and Jen’s places too, and see what they have to say. Thank you.

  4 Responses to “November Just Posts”

  1. This morning, right after I got up and affixed my re-usable menstrual pad, I packed my daughter her snack with an aluminum water bottle, and groaned that it was raining again on a Wednesday, when I go to walk dogs at the Humane society. Just the first five minutes of an average day, and everything about it was brought about by the Just Posts.

    This has been an incredible, beautiful project. Thank you, ladies.

  2. Su, thank you. xo

  3. A truly great project that will be missed.

    But I think you’re right about the clean cut… much better for the project to go out in a blaze of glory than just dwindle away.

  4. Su,

    I missed you on the last round. Thank you so much for the energy you’ve put in here…I haven’t been around much the last six months or so, but I always checked in around Just Post time.

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