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I have been so slow to do this meme that I have been tagged twice for it. First by Holly, and then by Katinka. Apparently there are rules. I’m all for rules, so here they are (I’m lifting them from Holly’s blog which is called “Cold Spaghetti”, an awesome blog title):

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So, I’ve followed rule 1 and 2 already. So far so good. (Ha! I’ve managed to use the word “so” three times in two sentences without making it extremely awkward!) I had a feeling that I already have done some “random things about me”-posts, and a quick search tells me there seems to be a “random things about me”-inflation going on because it was 8 random things about me in August 2007, and 7 random things about me in December 2007. Now it’s only six. And I always love reading what people are writing about themselves, randomly.

  1. Just today I did find out why I’m blogging less and have the feeling that I don’t accomplish anything. Today I spent two hours getting my son to go to bed (and stay there), and I also talked to my husband for three hours. Three hours! No wonder we both have the feeling that somehow we don’t have enough time. On the other hand the time we spend talking is well spent. We have been feeling closer, and happier. We have been taking the time to look at the things we have in common instead of looking at how different we are.
  2. For the last weeks I have spent much more time and energy thinking about the fact that I feel too fat than I feel comfortable admitting even to myself. This has not led to weight loss, I have gained another pound. I’m a bit sick of the whole thing (which I might have mentioned before). I’m hoping for my renewed enthusiasm for exercise. Maybe I can exercise while talking to my husband.
  3. I will be meeting a handful of local bloggers on Thursday. Immediately after leaving a comment saying that I will attend (after a lengthy conference with my mother-in-law detailing the logistics of her day and my son’s day, and everybody in the family), I started panicking and wondering what to wear. Which is really pathetic because in the end I’ll wear the same thing I always wear. Only I do have a new turtleneck. (Which is funny because in my random things post from last December I lamented the lack of a “very classy and elegant turtleneck sweater” made of thick wool. Guess what I finished two days ago? A classy, elegant, thick, woolen turtleneck in red.
  4. Leaving a comment on Frau Kaltmamsell’s blog regarding the meeting led to an immediate spike in blog traffic on my own blog. While that’s nice it’s always a bit weird when people coming from a very witty German blog reach my blog only to be greeted by a post called “Hail the gauge swatch!”. My guess is that most of them won’t come back, and that even people who might have been both interested in the content, and willing to read something in English, nevertheless will have felt the strong need for a personal translator. (When I told my husband about that particular post, the only word he could understand without an explanation at first sight was “the”.)
  5. While I love knitting, and haven’t been doing much else these past, ahem, months or so, I have the feeling that I’m using it to retreat into my very own fiber cocoon. And while sitting quiet, and doing something meditative with my hands that helps keeping me and my family warm is really appropriate for the season, it might be time to do other things as well.
  6. It’s only December 2nd but already I feel as if my head is spinning. I have to make three batches of muffins, and at least one batch of cookies for the kindergarten Christmas party, my son’s birthday party in kindergarten, and his birthday party at home. I have to buy a scooter, a satchel, and several other assorted birthday, and Christmas gifts for my son. (My son not so conveniently chose to be born exactly one week before Christmas, just like most of my husband’s family whose birthdays fall between December 13th and January 20th.) I don’t have anything for my parents yet, and just today I realized that the universe doesn’t end with my son’s presents, there are other people to consider as well. Also this year I will have to attend then kindergarten Christmas party alone because my husband found that re-scheduling those particular four students that he teaches on Wednesday afternoons was impossible. I, on the other hand, managed to find a way to move four students elsewhere and will be rushing from teaching to Christmas party in festive attire (cross your fingers for me that I can wear the new sweater with the red skirt, otherwise I will have to wear jeans), with guitar, sheet music, two dozen muffins, and a music stand in tow.

Now I’ll have to tag six people. Um. It’s not that I don’t know six bloggers, it isn’t even that I’m not interested in reading six random things about them, but please, it’s almost midnight, and I’ll have to get up at seven. How about everyone who wants to do a six things about me post just does it and says so in the comments? Please? And anybody who doesn’t have a blog like “luzilla” can leave six random things in the comments. That would be cool.

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  1. gee, I don’t even knit and I read every word of your knitting posts. That turtleneck is stunning & I’m sure yours is very flattering. I may have to start learning because I am having sweater envy. (Not to mention the elephant from months ago!)

    Poor Tony, he came home for lunch today and I practically pushed him out the door as soon as he chewed his last bite. Talk for three hours? Not during the middle of the day!

    Both of your upcoming events sound like fun. Enjoy!

  2. Verdammt, jetzt fühl ich mich angesprochen! :-DD
    Ok, das krieg ich schnell hin, also: mein erstes non-blog-Meme:

    1. Mein Bruder wollte mir letztes Jahr zu Weihnachten ein Modell der Serenity schenken. Unabhängig davon wollte ich meinem Bruder Jayne’s “Blue Sun” Tshirt aus der Serie schenken. Beide haben wir es verplant. Was es wohl dieses Jahr (nicht) gibt?
    2. Ich war letzten Sonntag bei einer Probe des Resistenztheaters und war extrem begeistert, obwohls nur ein Laientheater ist. Dieses Können! Diese Motivation! – ich kannte vorher nur Schultheater und “och nööö, ich hab keinen Bock, die Szene *nochmal* zu machen…”
    3. Das schönste am Cellospielen ist die Hornhaut, die sich an meinen Fingerkuppen bildet, wenn ich brav regelmäßig geübt habe.
    4. Mein Vater ist seit drei Wochen auf Kur, kommt am 20. 12. wieder und es ist himmlisch. Seither hat niemand in dieser Familie mit dem anderen gestritten.
    5. Obwohl ich meinen Führerschein jetzt schon fast nen Monat habe, bin ich noch nie alleine Auto gefahren.
    6. Das schönste an Weihnachten (ist mir letztens aufgefallen) ist der große Karton mit Delikatessen, den mein Vater jedes Jahr von seiner Firma kriegt. Und dieses Jahr durfte *ich* ihn abholen, worüber ich sehr aufgeregt war.

    So! 🙂 Und jetzt werd ich deine Email beantworten gehen. 🙂

    Oh, außerdem: warum redest du nicht mit deinem Mann während du strickst? Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe. Und er kann die Wolle halten 🙂

  3. great post. I am meeting up with friends from school on saturday that i have not seen in 18 years, to say that i am stressed about what to wear is a huge under statement. Actually, I was meant to be losing weight for the occasion but since fixing the date all i can eat is chocolate

  4. This is wonderful – thank you!

    And cocoon or no, your knitting is amazing!

  5. My English is pretty good, but I don’t know what ‘gauge swatch’ means either. Then again, perhaps the fact that for me too English is a second language is showing. 🙂

  6. was eigentlich genau ist “to tag”? Wenn ich das wuesste, wuerde ich auch gerne mitmachen…

  7. I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule

  8. Hi, just letting you know that I’m thanking you for playing tag with me on my appreciation lens on squidoo: it’s set up to celebrate the first aniversary of my blog All Considering (that’s coming up in August).

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