Nov 172008

I have been wanting to show this to you for weeks now. Before starting to knit on October 24th I took a picture: I wrote about it on ravelry:

All of a sudden I had this urge to knit something from my handspun. What good is all this new yarn if it’s only sitting around looking all artsy? So I looked for patterns. Since there is only so much you can knit with 90 grams of very bulky and uneven yarn (this is the second yarn I spun on my wheel), I was glad to find this pattern [Urchin] by Ysolda. I knew I probably had just enough yarn to make it. Of course I wanted to cast on immediately but then I had to first wind the yarn into a ball, and then wait until work was done. Friday in the evening I sat down and started making it in the smaller size but with bigger needles to compensate. Because it’s all garter stitch I got confused about which stitches were wrapped and which weren’t a lot. At the end of the evening I had about a third of the hat, and was afraid that it would be too small. So I started again on Saturday. I went up a size and knit a bit more loosely. It all went beautifully and was much fun to knit. Then I started the final wedge and found myself eyeing the ball of yarn every other second. Would there be enough? With about 1.5 m of yarn left and eight more rows to go I remembered the leftover singles I still had on the bobbin, and went to ply them very sloppily. I went back and knit the remaining eight rows, and found that the yarn was just barely enough without the “emergency yarn”. I had two little snippets left in the end, about 5 cm altogether. The hat looks much better than I thought it would. I’m very, very happy with it. Now I only have to take pictures…

Since then I have been waiting for the stars to align so that I can take pictures of me wearing the finished hat. I wanted three things to come together: a) the sun should be shining, b) I should be wearing make-up, c) I should have time to take pictures. Today I realized that the next time that would happen would probably be in spring, and so I decided to take pictures anyway:

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  1. You are a domestic goddess. Next you’ll be getting your own sheep.

  2. Oh no, I definitely won’t. Though my son would love it.

    At this point I don’t even want to process fleece myself.

  3. My mother in law has been known to process fleece. Actually she’s also been known to sheer the sheep, but I think that’s taking it a bit far.

    That hat is just gorgeous. Kudos.

  4. Wow. Those colours make my eyes dance with delight. I wish I could make yarn and knit.

  5. Jo, I once went to see a sheep shorn, and I processed some of the wool. I even spun it on a drop spindle with all the lanolin still in it. That’s an experience I don’t have to have again.

    Hele, it’s easier than most things you’re doing, but then you certainly don’t need yet another thing in your life.

  6. I back the sheep idea – I’d come over to your house/farm and feed them! :-DDD

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