Nov 072008
  • how to learn to love exercise
  • how becoming a musician has changed the way I hear music
  • how giddy I felt because my husband has borrowed a drum set
  • how proud I then felt when my son played the drums
  • how much my son has grown in the past few months and how sweet he is looking with his blonde curls, blue eyes, and almost skater-like clothes
  • how happy the beret I made from my handspun makes me, and how happy I was knitting it
  • how I made a sweater out of yarn that I bought more than twenty years ago, and how much sentimental value that wool holds
  • how I still long to be cool, and how much I associate coolness with a certain kind of clothes
  • how I often feel that there are many different persons inside of me, and that I should dress accordingly
  • how I realized again today that the things that are most ordinary to me are quite extra-ordinary to others, when a friend of my son – who wanted to look at the borrowed drum-set – exclaimed, “Wow! You have a lot of guitars!”, and my son said, “These are my father’s guitars. That’s his favorite one, it’s a Jaguar. Shall I show you my mother’s guitars? I have a guitar too.” And we didn’t even tell him about the two that live on the wardrobe in the bedroom because we don’t use them. And the violin.
  • how I’m doing with my Christmas knitting
  • how I’m doing with reaching the goals I set for myself last Saturday (mostly good, totally bad on one account; I’ll keep you posted)
  • how pleased I am with what I’m currently spinning, and how I hope to make the yarn into a sweater someday (there are still about 400 grams left to spin, and – as I mentioned before – that particular sweater will make me look about as sombre as a parrot covered in tropical flowers)
  • how Germans celebrate Christmas, New Years Eve, Carnival, or Easter. Or the first day of school.
  • how much I’d be pleased if you sent me your links for the October Just Posts roundtable (You can send me links to any post about social justice written in the parenting blogosphere that you wrote or read.

  4 Responses to “Things which I wanted to write about but didn’t”

  1. It will be lovely to read them if you do get around to writing some of those posts.

    Today I telephoned the mother of Fiona’s classmate to arrange a playdate that she had requested & the woman told me it was because Fiona wants her to teach me to knit. When I was able to stop laughing, I asked if it was all right for the girls to play together even if it didn’t involve a knitting lesson. However, I was pleased that she was willing and maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need.

  2. Love to hear about your spinning. And, it’s it wonderful when small children become children? When they are smart and healthy and curious, it is a true blessing.

  3. HAHA. Your title perfectly describes my recent relationship with my blog.

    I will go hunting for Just posts tomorrow.

  4. I don’t like exercising, but I enjoy doing something that disguises exercise: playing hockey, raking leaves, swimming, having sex. Stuff like that.

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