Jul 312008

Well, not really “poof” more like, “This is odd, why is nothing happening, oops I can’t eject this audio CD, why can’t I quit this application, I’ll just shut it down and restart, now it’s only blinking, weird”. And then I went onto my husband’s computer and tried everything the support site suggested, and it didn’t work, and then I re-awakened my old computer, and was happy that at least I can go online, and then I thought that the warranty on my laptop had just ended four days ago but on further research found out that really it was four days plus a year ago which didn’t make me feel better much.

And then I decided not to worry about it any more, and then, in the night, I woke up and thought of data that I didn’t have any backup of, like all my e-mail from the past two months or so. On the other hand, now that I’m thinking a bit more clearly, there might even be a DVD in the basement with a more recent backup, who knows.

So, today in the morning, instead of working out and doing the grocery shopping I dressed up as a geek (jeans in very, very hot weather with a black tee that says, “There are only 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.”, and glasses, and very comfortable sandals because it was way too hot for sneakers) and took the train to the next computer shop.

Since I had dressed with care, and, also very carefully, didn’t mention that I’m a musician the service person there seemed to take me reasonable serious despite me being a woman and all. Then he started the laptop, started the laptop with the alt-key pressed, started the laptop with command-alt-P-R pressed, and then started the laptop with the trackpad key pressed to which I said, “I already tried that. And that. Yeah, that too.” Unfortunately he had the same results as me. Now my laptop will be sent to Berlin, and you can please all send positive vibes to her for a speedy and easy recovery.

On the upside, I did get half a preemie sock knit on the train ride, and my Ashford spindle and roving arrived today. On the downside this reminds me very much of the black summer of 2007 when my husband’s computer broke, and we spent all of our summer break waiting for it to function again so that he could record music. On the other upside I didn’t plan to record that much, and apart from the maybe lost e-mail and the fact that my iPod doesn’t speak to my old computer (and most of the family pictures for the past two months) I’m good, computerwise.

And summer break starts the day after tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about that but, of course, this year everything will be different. I will be structured! Meals will be had at regular times! There will be family fun! The weather will be better than last year! I will get tons of stuff done!

You know, I have inbuilt optimism.

  4 Responses to “And then my laptop went “poof” and died”

  1. sending good vibes for the laptop.

  2. … your laptop’s a girl? 😀
    Good luck with the repair! And have fun with your family in the sumer break, even if it might turn out a bit unstructured. :-))

  3. ew. I am sorry about your laptop…

    and hope springs eternal oh optimistic one.

  4. So, he tried to zap the pram, eh? Sometimes I wonder at the qualifications of the service desk people.
    I took my old laptop to be fixed: What’s wrong with it? –It won’t boot up.
    Okay, leave it with us.
    I got it back with a notice saying it wouldn’t boot up and a bill for $60.

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